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Value in a Galveston Beachfront Hotel

 Why pay more? Compare what we offer in location, room quality, swimming pool, made from scratch complimentary breakfast and special amenities, with national chain hotels on the island.



We don't pay fees to national chain corporations so our operating costs are far less. We pass that savings on to you.



Don’t be surprised at how much less you pay, especially when you book directly with us. Frequently 25% and sometimes as much as 50% less.

Our Promise to You

We are taking COVID-19 very seriously by complying with all local and state regulations.  We are in the process of implementing new safety measures. View these measures by clicking below. 

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Stay 3 nights for the cost of 2 when you reserve by phone on select dates (Not Available Spring Break or June - August. Does not include Holidays or Special Events).

Direct Bookings Only.

3-for-2 Special

Many room options are available, from the luxurious Kewpie's Corner to more
family budget-friendly options.

Call us now to book

(409) 761-5504
Fax: (409) 765-9285
Guests must have a valid credit card to make a reservation and check in
upon arrival, REGARDLESS of whether or not they choose to pay cash.
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